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Satoshi Nakamoto was a Creature from The Boglands of Ireland

Now think about the end scene in The Shawshank Redemption. That's Hal Finney reuniting with Satoshi. That is what's in my dream.

Satoshi Nakamoto was a creature from the Boglands of Ireland. Prove me wrong.

I have absolutely solid, hearsay evidence, that Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of the Hardest Money ever to exist, did rumble his way out of a dark and musty bog in the depths of Ireland, then, promptly, changed the history of money by publishing his Bitcoin Whitepaper.

He did then, as observed, allegedly, by a bloke digging a hole, wander back into the bog, him never to be seen again.

This absolutely astounding news, as told by one bawdy bog man as he gesticulated with his shovel to another two gnarly bog men, who then immediately phoned and relayed the news to another two dusty and disheveled bog men as they were driving their tractor behind another three thirsty bog men driving a Toyota Hilux, as they all trundled along, in convoy, on their way to their local pub.

Now you probably think this sounds like a load of old bollocks. Utterly unbelieveable. Well, you could be right. You could also be wrong. In these modern times, this modern World, and rather a bit too often, the truth is whatever gets a few Degrees backing it, and a pile of money backing up the degrees. 

Now I’ve 9 degrees on my thermometer at the moment. And a mighty amount of monopoly money floating around the place. The monopoly money self-identifies as real money. Who am I to argue.

So there you have it. A pure waste of five minutes of your time. Ya may as well read on now.

Sit back and relax. Take another five minutes, ten even, and think about Satoshi Nakamoto.

Now think about the end scene in The Shawshank Redemption. That’s Hal Finney reuniting with Satoshi. That is what’s in my dream. That scene is a constant theme in my dreams. It makes me smile. What’s in yours?


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