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Bitcoin Meetups – An Important Cog in the Wheel

Head to your nearest Bitcoin Meetup to meet enthusiastic Bitcoiners. If you can't find a local Meetup then consider starting your own. Discover why Bitcoin Meetups are important for our collective freedom.


Bitcoin Meetups provide an excellent opportunity for Bitcoin enthusiasts to share ideas, network, and learn about Bitcoin. These events are usually organized by a single person, sometimes by a business, or a community group, and they can bring together developers, investors, traders, hodlers, stackers, and ordinary Bitcoin users, A.K.A. Plebs.

Bitcoin Meetups are a great way to learn about new developments in the Bitcoin space and to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Attendees can learn about new technologies, trading strategies, and investment opportunities. They can also network with like-minded individuals and build connections that can lead to new partnerships and opportunities.

Learn Bitcoin

Overall, Bitcoin Meetups provide an excellent forum for education, collaboration, and community-building among Bitcoin enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned Bitcoin investor or a curious newcomer, attending a Bitcoin Meetup can be a valuable and rewarding experience.

Sharing knowledge is the key. Promoting open source technology is one of the most important factors to help ensure Bitcoin adoption, usage and acceptance. Meetups are an important cog in the Bitcoin wheel. Search out your local Meetup and get involved. If you can’t find a Meetup close to you then do consider starting your own.

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Plans are Developing

Plenty of research is the key to making something a success. The research continues whilst crowdfunding ticks along. The Academy at Bitcoin Hideaway will be pumping out Bitcoiners in 2024.

Learning Bitcoin – Keeping it Simple

Learning new things can be difficult for most of us; especially technical things. It is far too easy to get lost in a cloud of information. Keeping Bitcoin Simple will be a major focus at the Academy at Bitcoin Hideaway.

Fundraising for Bitcoin Classroom

Time to step up and make things happen. Learning Bitcoin is essential to a decentralised future. A life of freedom.

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Holiday Accommodation and Short Breaks in Daingean, County Offaly, Ireland. Cycling. Kayaking. Self-Catering.

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