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Lightning Coffee Project


A community supported, peer to peer project for Orange Pilling and Educating people about Bitcoin & Lightning at Festivals, Farmers Markets and Cafes etc.

But there is a catch. The punter only gets the FREE Coffee if they purchase it with Sats, and the punter has no Sats. 

The deal? They download and install a lightning wallet on their phone. We send them the price of a coffee, in sats, instantly. Just this action will blow them away. FREE Sats = FREE Coffee (or whatever tipple floats their boat).

It will be their first experience with Bitcoin. And Lightning. Then as they ponder what has just happened, whilst drinking their Brew, they do, more often than they do not, hunger for more. We will be there to offer advice, literature and guidance.

To continue to Orange-Pill we would appreciate your support.


The Process


We Source Funding for Orange Pilling


The Punter Downloads the Lightning Wallet


The Punter Receives some FREE Sats


Punter purchases a Brew - Orange Pilled (Hopefully)

Follow Us

The Lightning Coffee Project is on Twitter. Follow us for updates.

Help this Project by donating a few sats.

Why Support This?


We are an Orange-Pilling Machine


The concept is simple, and engaging.

It Works

Most people are willing to have a go. It is a gateway.

Face to Face

By engaging individuals 1 to 1 confidence is built.


Visit the Lightning Coffee Project on Geyser to donate sats.


You can donate directly and anonymously on our page.

How is it being accomplished?

The Objective is accomplished both by interacting with the punter in the street, as well as at gatherings, festivals and other such occasions. 

Face to face exchanges where people can ask questions, get help, and gain confidence using a Lightning Wallet.

Acheived by:
– Setting up a Bitcoin stand at a fesival / farmers market / cafe.
– Having a coffee vendor adjacent accepting Bitcoin.
– Attract interested parties with great signage, and a greater speel.
– Assist in Wallet setup.
– Send a few Satoshis to get them started.
– Assist in the buying process and building confidence.
– Offer educational materials, literature and websites to browse.
– Advise on Meetup locations, etc.

Attract > Convince > Download > Gift Sats > Coffee > Seed Planted > Future Assistance Offered.

The strategy is fun and engaging. It is hands-on, simple and practical.

Your help is essential for keeping The Lightning Coffee Project moving ahead welcoming new users into the growing Bitcoin Community.

Lightning Coffee Project was born out of a conversation at Bitcoin Hideaway.

I had heard of Bitcoin but I've never had it put in front of my face like this. I was suprised at how easy it was to download the wallet, and was even more suprised when the Lightning Coffee Project sent me 15,000 Sats. Even though it was only the price of a coffee having 15,000 in my wallet made me feel rich, and it put a pep in my step. Now I want more Bitcoin. More Satoshis. I've got the bug.

Image posed by a model

Featured In Your Wallet

Get Bitcoin into your Wallet. One Bitcoin is divisible by One Hundred Million Satoshis (Sats), just like One Dollar is has 100 cents. You can buy 50,000 Sats (€12 – Approximate Market Price 13/05/2023), just to get started. Add to your stash as and when you can afford it. One day you may reach 100,000,000 Satoshis A.K.A. One Whole Bitcoin.

Hall of Fame

Visit the Lightning Coffee Project Hall of Fame - Meet our Supporters and our Partners.

Help convert the Masses. Support This on Geyser.Fund

With your help we can do our bit to increase the pace of Bitcoin Adoption. If you are able to please donate the price of a Coffee, or just a few Sats, and we will continue the Mission of inspiring and welcoming new converts into the 21 Club.

Partner and Verify

Onboarding trustworthy partners to broaden the Bitcoin Adoption potential is all part of the plan. Key players will be funded, for verified conversions. Where permission can be granted a snapshot of the newly minted Bitcoiner can be shared with the community. Leaders of Meetup groups are key to this. While this will have to rely upon a degree of trust, we will ensure that it is only placed in the hands of trustworthy people.  

Partner with The Lightning Coffee Project. Contact us if you want to support this exciting project. We need app recommendations, T-shirt designs, Marketing and Advertising inspiration, materials, and expertise. 

Q and A's

There are currently three paths to help. One path is to donate sats on Geyser. The second is send sats to  the Lightning Coffee Project on GetAlby. The third option is to donate sats on Tallycoin. Follow Us on Twitter. Share. Tell people about us. Talk to Cafe Owners. 

At present one of the most user friendly wallets is Wallet of Satoshi. We will not impose a wallet on the end user. We are always open to suggestions and/or will consider your wallet if you want to submit it. Ask us and we will see what can be arranged. 

Whatever area we are in we educate ourselves on prices, by having a coffee. Generally, the big corporations are the dearest.

You can get your business logo added, and a website or your social media account linked from our Hall of Fame. Check it out.

Contact Us with your proposal and ideas to improve and accelerate The Lightning Coffee Project.

Contact Us and we will organise getting you set up with a Point of Sale App for Bitcoin. Then a campaign can be started to and a date set for a FREE Coffee Experience at your business premises.

Contact Us. Or search for your local Meetup Group online. There are plenty of new groups sprouting up all over. Start a Meetup if you can.

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Why Give out Free Satoshis?

This strategy involves offering the value of a free coffee (in Satoshis) to potential Bitcoin adopters who downloaded the app/lightning wallet at your prompting, in your presence. By offering this incentive, the we can drive lightning app/wallet downloads and engage with people who might not have tried Bitcoin before. This can lead to increased Bitcoin loyalty and a possible increase in lifetime adoption. 

However, it is important to note that this strategy should be used in conjunction with other tactics to drive ongoing Bitcoin adoption engagement and retention. Additionally, we should ensure that the app/wallet is easy to use and provides value to the user to encourage long-term usage. Overall, offering free coffee for downloading ta lightning app can be an effective way to attract and retain Bitcoiners.

What is Orange Pilling?

Orange Pilling is the process of convincing people that Bitcoin is Great. By using facts and good arguments the punter can be encouraged to consider the positives of Bitcoin versus Fiat currencies.

What is Geyser.Fund?

Geyser Fund is a platform for crowdfunding projects and businesses. It allows entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and get the necessary funding to bring them to life. The platform works by connecting individuals and businesses seeking funding with potential investors who are interested in their projects. Geyser Fund provides a range of resources to help entrepreneurs craft compelling campaigns and raise funds effectively, including crowdfunding consultancy services, marketing tools, and back-office support. The platform also offers a range of payment processing and reporting tools to facilitate the flow of funds between investors and entrepreneurs. Geyser Fund provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for both investors and entrepreneurs to navigate and interact with each other. With this platform, entrepreneurs can access the capital they need to start and grow their businesses, while investors can take an active role in supporting the success of new ventures.

Carrot and Stick

The carrot and stick approach is a motivational strategy that uses rewards and punishment to encourage behavior change. The “carrot” represents positive reinforcement or incentives for desired behavior, while the “stick” represents negative reinforcement or punishment for undesired behavior. For example, in the workplace, an employee may be offered a raise or promotion for meeting sales goals (carrot), while another employee may face disciplinary action or termination for consistently underperforming (stick). The carrot and stick approach can be effective in motivating individuals to achieve desired results, but it can also lead to fear and resentment if punishment is seen as unfair or excessive. Therefore, it is important to use this approach judiciously, balancing rewards and punishment in a way that is seen as reasonable and fair by all parties involved. Only carrots live around these parts.

Free Exchange of Ideas

The free exchange of ideas is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows individuals to broaden their understanding of a topic by exposing them to different perspectives and insights. This, in turn, can lead to innovation and progress as people are encouraged to approach problems in new ways. Additionally, it encourages reflection and critical thinking, allowing individuals to challenge their own beliefs and assumptions. It can also build bridges between different groups, promoting empathy and understanding. Finally, the free exchange of ideas supports democracy and freedom of speech, allowing individuals to express their opinions without fear of persecution or censorship. Overall, the free exchange of ideas encourages growth, learning and understanding on both an individual and societal level. Democracy is struggling to exist. Freedom of speech and of thought are under attack. Bitcoin is Freedom.

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