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A Bitcoin Journey

At Bitcoin Hideaway we are on a path of learning and creation. 

We intend to create a learning environment for interested people to come, network, learn, absorb and live Bitcoin. 

We have multi-pronged intentions of teaching, encouraging and assisting with Bitcoin adoption in Ireland, and beyond. 

We currently have two Bitcoin projects we are developing. 

One is the Lightning Coffee Project. A simple idea to stimulate Bitcoin Adoption Person to Person. This project is in its infancy. Great things are coming. Please Support us on Geyser, or on Tallycoin.

The other project is the Academy at Bitcoin Hideaway. We intend to repurpose an exisiting building to develop it into a dedicated Bitcoin Classroom. Fitting out the classroom will take Sats. If you would like to Support this Project then please do on either Geyser, or on Tallycoin.

Check out the links below for more information. A Big Thank You in advance.

For Corporate Sponsorship please get in touch.

Lightning Coffee Project

Orange pilling Plebs using Coffee as the gateway drug. The Lightning Coffee Project is as popular as it is successful.

Bitcoin Hideaway Academy

Bitcoin Education in the Centre of Ireland. Learn Bitcoin in County Offaly, Ireland. Coming Soon.