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Learning Bitcoin – Keeping it Simple

Learning new things can be difficult for most of us; especially technical things. It is far too easy to get lost in a cloud of information. Keeping Bitcoin Simple will be a major focus at the Academy at Bitcoin Hideaway.

Learn Bitcoin

Learning Bitcoin. What a minefield.

Where to start? How to start? What is it? 

Reading Bitcoin books is a good start. 

Going to a Bitcoin Meetup is a good idea, too.

Plus there are plenty of resources online to educate yourself for free.

All of the above are useful tools and resources to use on your Bitcoin journey. Many motivated and confident self-learners can absorb all there is to know, or as much as they want to know, by doing online research. 

Self-learning, as we all know, is not for everyone. Sometimes, a classroom setting, where a tutor is on hand to answer questions, offer guidance and instill confidence in the students is much more suited to certain types of learners. I certainly would fall into this category of student. I know there are many more of you lurking out there, hoping, wishing, and expecting a handy solution to appear. 

This is my attempt at said solution. Nothing ventured etc….as is often said.

Start Bitcoin Courses - Why Not?

Bitcoin, the basics, didn’t over-trouble me too much. I did read quite a lot to barely acheive an adequate, but limited understanding of Bitcoin. Along the way there have been multiple things that took me quite a while to get my head around. The learning process continues.

There are an infinite number of things that I still have to figure out. Technolgy is changing so fast. It will be a struggel to keep up, never mind catch up. It is an impossible task to know everything, so, instead, we will endearour to get the basics right.

I am a believer that Bitcoin is the hardest money, so I do tend to talk a lot about Bitcoin. I drop Bitcoin into conversations, like a baited hook, and occasionally I get a bite. And just as often a scowl. Over time I have noticed a genuine curiosity in many people regarding Bitcoin. There is a hunger for knowledge. They want to learn. 

When pressed as to why they have not embraced Bitcoin they have often expressed to me the lack of a traditional route to learning. A hands-on experience. A classroom-based learning environment where they can make informed decisions to avoid costly mistakes.


Seed Planted - Freedom is on the Horizon

Now the classroom seed is planted. And, just like a blockchain, proof of work will be required to prove that this educational project will be a successful project. 

Many tasks are now planned. And each task is like a block. The reward for each completed task will be mere satisfaction. Then it’s onto the next block. 

There will be many blocks to mine. Many tasks to complete. The validation will come in time, after the students arrive. After they acheive their goals.  

Bitcoin Hideaway Academy

Bitcoin Education in the Centre of Ireland. Learn Bitcoin in County Offaly, Ireland. Coming Soon.

Help Wanted

To make this project happen as quickly as possible we need your help. Any assistance, in any form that you can offer will be appreciated, absolutely. 

Luckily for us there are wonderfully enterprising people out there developing Bitcoin solutions for Bitcoin problems. 

Two such solutions are Tallycoin, and Geyser.


Tallycoin is a bitcoin crowdfunding platform where all donations go to a wallet under your control.
Zero fees.


Geyser is a bitcoin-native crowdfunding platform where you can fund project ideas with the support from global communities.

Get in Touch

If you have any ideas or advice for us please do get in touch.

Be Your Own Bank. Choose to Use Bitcoin.

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Plans are Developing

Plenty of research is the key to making something a success. The research continues whilst crowdfunding ticks along. The Academy at Bitcoin Hideaway will be pumping out Bitcoiners in 2024.

Fundraising for Bitcoin Classroom

Time to step up and make things happen. Learning Bitcoin is essential to a decentralised future. A life of freedom.

The Old Farmhouse at FortyAcres

Holiday Accommodation and Short Breaks in Daingean, County Offaly, Ireland. Cycling. Kayaking. Self-Catering.

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