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Frequently Asked Questions

As this is a new venture there are few questions at present. This will undoubtedly change. The questions will appear here, with useful answers attached, one hopes.

Ask a question.

Contact me through one of the the methods on the Contact page and I can add you to the list, subject to availability. Numbers will be limited to 21 attendees per Meetup. First name only, plus email, is needed to book online. Just send your Twitter/Telegram @.

Yes. Check availability and book online here. The Bitcoin Meetups with Bitcoin Hideaway will be afternoon/evening events. The main focus at present is to provide a venue for Bitcoiners to meet and chat. Evening meal is provided.

The cost is NIL. There will be no charge. But you will have to purchase your own Bitcoin. €2 will suffice. As Donations come in you may be given a few Satoshis on your new wallet set up during the Meetup. If you wish to contribute something there are a few suggestions here. The aim is to make it easy for everyone to attend, and get Bitcoining. Accommodation is availble but it is not free, unfortunately. You can book online here if you want to stay over on the Sunday night.

There will be snacks and refreshments provided to all attendees. Be aware that we can’t/don’t/won’t cater to every type of allergy/vegan/vegetarian/etc. 

Enthisiasm. A positive attitude. A friend, or three. And a smartphone would be handy. Plus if you have food issues please bring appropriate snacks/medication.

We have tea and coffee here. Plus filtered drinking water. If you want a beer or something else then bring it along. No getting langered, even a little bit. We are here for serious business. You can crack a joke instead of a 5th beer.

As soon as possible. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram to keep up to date, or keep an eye on the website for updates. The first meeting will be a trial run with (most likely) invites only. It will be more of a brainstorm to make sure future Meetups are of a high standard.

There is no catch. Just giving something back. Swings and roundabouts. This isn’t charity. It is helping. We will see how everything pans out into the future and make adjustments accordingly.

Check out our Support page where you will find an incomplete list of ideas.

If you don’t want to add your email then you can contact me through one of the methods on the Contact Page and I can do the booking manually. Only give the information you wish to. 

Only a First name is required when booking online, an email, plus the number of people you are booking for. 

Your email and details will be deleted on Meetup day upon request.

Come along to a Meetup and we can show you. It take just minutes to get sorted. Alternatively check out Swiss Bitcoin Pay. (Referral Link).

Cold Storage. Use a Hardware Wallet. Find out more.

We do. And we would appreciate incoming liquidity. If you would like to open a channel to us please do. 

We are working diligently, in between mining fiat (working) and other things. We want to make sure all of the boxes are ticked before launching. You can keep up to date on:

The Academy Blog. 

The Lightning Coffee Project Blog.

Please visit our Projects Page.