Lightning Coffee Project

An exciting peer to peer Bitcoin adoption tactic for Orange Pilling punters to the Bitcoin Experience.

Bitcoin Hideaway Meetups is a voluntary venture focused on promoting Bitcoin usage and onboarding new users.

We absolutely appreciate any and every type of support you can offer.

Bitcoin Hideaway Meetups is supported by


  • Share us on social media.
  • Find potential Satoshionados and point them in this direction.
  • Suggest useful videos we can play on the big screen during the Meetups.
  • Offer to do a live stream to one of the Meetups.
  • Send a few Satoshis.
  • Ship to us some merch, gear, posters, memorabilia to put up.

We will link to your website/store so your gear can be purchased by group members and website visitors.


  • Post us a few copies of your Bitcoin book.
  • Send us your latest creation, product, software etc or links to it.

The Meetup group participants will review your product from the point of view of a user. 

Features like ease of use, safety, security, and trust will be looked at. Design, where appropriate, will also be reviewed. 

The reviews will be posted on this website and will be shared on our social media channels.

  • Email us a few ideas, or just to say hello.
  • Make more suggestions.
  • Make relevant criticisms.

ReferRal Links

We make a small commission if we refer someone to a product or a service and you subsequently make a purchase. 

Below are our Referral Links: (Do Your Own Due Diligence).

Trezor Hardware Wallet for Secure Storage of your Bitcoin.

Ledger Hardware Wallet for Cold Storage.

Swiss Bitcoin Pay – Payments for Businesses.

Hosting Ireland – Website Hosting and Domain Names

It's like Lightning –  This wallet is dedicated to the cause. All Sats will be accounted for.